Arab District & China Town 08:00 - 12:00 Kampung Arab – Pecinan (Chinatown) – Pasar Pabean (Pabean Market) Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Monday morning in Kampung Arab and Pecinan. Exotic spice and fragrance aroma accompany our tour to dozens of alleys in Kampung Arab Surabaya. Don’t forget to have a taste of kopi rempah, spiced coffee. We’ll visit some house and interact with the owners, learn the distinctive architecture, while tasting food like sambosa and putu Belanda. We’ll then go to the Pecinan through Jalan Songoyudan, another street bustling with trade activities, and explore various alleys. We’ll visit the oldest hairdresser at Jalan Kembang Jepun, and watch Wayang Potehi in Klenteng Dukuh, Hong Tiek Hian temple. We’ll drop by the wet fish market, Pasar Ikan Pabean, in Jalan Panggung.