Surabaya Johnny Walker is a walking tour programme that takes locals and travellers alike off the beaten track, to discover and explore the depth of Surabaya city. Immerse, learn, and be delighted with endless stories and anecdotes from local residents, artists, and researchers alike that reveal the eclectic fabric and history of the city. From diverse kampung neighbourhood alleyways, ethnic quarters, port and harbour, markets boasting fresh produce and spices, to intimate quiet corners, crooked cobbled streets, and ingenious experimentation and acrobatics of working and living in Surabaya.

Why Surabaya Johnny Walker

Surabaya Johnny Walker alludes to “Surabaya Johnny”, a song immortalised in 1929 theatre play Happy End by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weil. At the beginning of the 20th Century Surabaya was internationally known as one of the busiest, most important port cities in this part of the world. It's not the most friendly city. It can be the meanest city, with beguiling charms, not only of trade, rich culture, adventure, revolutionary history, but also of threat, exploitation, lies, and heartbreaks.

Our goals

Surabaya Johnny Walker aims to promote and introduce the richness of Surabaya to locals and travellers alike. We believe the best way to grasp the daily pulse of the city and its inhabitants is through walking and interacting with the locals. We also hope that in the process, we can contribute in making Surabaya a friendlier city for the walkers.

How we'll spend our riches

Surabaya Johnny Walker is organised by C2O library & collabtive and all proceeds will be directed to support the operation of our library and coworking space, our walk-for-pleasure program, our urban research & media platform about Surabaya, our cute spoiled cats, and lastly us, the workers. Any donation is also gladly accepted :)

We have rooms to spare, maybe...

We have two comfy rooms for rent. More details and images to follow. If you are a researcher/artist looking for a place of residency in Surabaya, contact us and tell us about your project/program. :)

About the web

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Got more questions?

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